Everyone wants to play more CONSISTENT golf.   Whether you are just beginning, cannot shake that slice, or want to lower that handicap.  We all need a guide with experience to assist us along that journey.  Teaching for more than 20 years and over 25,000 hours of lessons, Mike has learned there is not ONE WAY to swing.  With simple screens, Mike will explain help you discover your swing type and the secrets to unlocking power, speed, consistency, and solid contact.  Come discover why Mike is recognized as one of the top teachers in the state of Maryland.


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Josiah TindorJosiah Tindor
13:53 04 May 22
Worked with Mike over the last year and have been very impressed. He knows the golf swing and has the skills to explain/demonstrate the changes needed. Building a top-notch instruction program at Little Bennett - love to see it at a public course!
Chris CoccaroChris Coccaro
13:21 04 May 22
Mike Dickson is fantastic. I have used Mike to fit me for custom clubs as well as provide lessons to myself and my kids. Mike keeps the concepts simple but very effective. Mike has a very relaxed approach that allows the student to be comfortable and not afraid to ask questions. He has a wonderful temperament to work with young golfers as well. Mike’s teaching facility at Little Bennett is top of the line as well; great natural grass range, private canopy teaching tee, strong short game area, and an environment that’s conducive to teaching.I can’t recommend Mike enough. Chris C.
Dan BlitzDan Blitz
12:48 04 May 22
I decided after 42 years of half decent golf played with a mediocre swing, it was time for me to get the right swing and get to better scores. I made exactly the right choice — I signed up with Mike Dickson. Thanks to Mike, I am playing better, scoring better, and my swing is something I can be proud of. I’ve learned shot technique I never knew existed, and got in touch with my “inner golfer” to better understand the elements of good play and scoring. Golf is more fun than it’s ever been.Mike’s approach to adult instruction and coaching makes lessons fun and valuable. Before Mike, I thought of taking lessons as an expense I didn’t need…now I see it as an investment in making this game more enjoyable and a better use of my time.Thanks Mike!
Matt NagyMatt Nagy
01:15 21 Mar 22
Mike is one of those rare finds. Once you have a lesson with him, you won't want to go to anyone else. I've worked with 2 others instructors previously and I wish I had found Mike years ago. It doesn't matter your level, first-timer or scratch golfer, Mike's easy to understand explanations give you deep understanding into how the swing works and how you can improve. I can't say enough good things about our collaboration. Every aspect of my game has improved under his guidance. He loves what he does and cares about improving your game.
Mary CraddockMary Craddock
18:59 20 Mar 22
Mike Dickson is a phenomenal instructor. He is knowledgeable in the physiology and kinetics of golf skills and applies this to teaching his students to improve their natural swing motion or, as in my case, to build a golfer from the ground up. He is the right coach for a pro golfer looking to refine or improve as well as for a beginner. I can attest to his focused instruction and pleasant demeanor despite dealing with a slow beginner. I can also attest to observing his improving distance and accuracy in the drives of already excellent golfers.
Richard SebastianRichard Sebastian
02:01 18 Mar 22
I’ve worked with a lot of instructors over the past 20 years of trying to become a better golfer and Mike Dickson by far has been my favorite instructor. I’ve made tremendous progress in a short period of time but most importantly his technical skills and understanding of the anatomy of the golf swing has resolved the key blocks to my progress. I’ve never been so motivated to get better because I knew I was finally working on the right things.
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