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Join the 1000 Shot Challenge for 2023!

Want to join the golf revolution and see how many shots you can take off your score in 2023?  Mike helped take over 1000 shots off players’ scores in the past two seasons and is setting his sights even higher in 2023.  Do YOU have what it takes to meet the challenge and be on the team leading the scoring revolution?  Let Mike guide you to fixing that slice you cannot shake, learn how to be a short game wizard, or just get be more confident on the course.  Mike has made it his mission to accomplish one of the biggest shot challenges ever.  BOOK A LESSON with Mike or EMAIL him about joining one of his coaching programs to join the team and play your best golf in 2022.



33 of 1000 shots

Latest Succes:  Patrick K. placing top 10 in Under Armor National Event.  Congrats!

About Your Coach

Mike the MCG Academy Team in April 2021 at the Golf Academy at Little Bennett Golf Course in Clarksburg, Maryland.  Prior to joining the MCG team, Mike was the Head Instructor for 11 years at Congressional Country Club.  Mike is excited about building a world-class academy and team at Little Bennett for golfers of all ages and skill levels.

In the Spring of 2022, Mike realized there was an easier way for his students to be successful in hitting more meaningful golf shots.  Mike created a guide that showed players how to proper start the down swing in a simple way.  This revolutionary training aid called the LAGMASTER is assisting players of all ages and skill levels on making a better motion and hitting golf shots they only dreamed of quicker and more often. Click here to learn more about LAGMASTER SPORTS.

Mike was recognized by Golf Magazine as a Rising Star Instructor for their Top 100 Teacher to Watch List.  Mike was awarded his lifetime achievement award in 2016 by being named the MAPGA Teacher of the Year for his efforts and dedication to growing the game.  Mike was recognized by Golf Digest as one of the Best Young Instructors in America for 2016/17 and 2018/19. Mike has been recognized by his peers in Golf Digest as one of the Best Instructors in the State of Maryland since 2015.  Mike strives to share his knowledge with his students and his fellow PGA Professionals with the goal to continue grow the game and give back to a game that has given him so much.

Mike grew up in Cortland, Ohio in Northeast Ohio and graduated from the PGM program at Ferris State University in 2002.  He moved to the Washington, DC area in 2004 as an assistant at Congressional Country Club.  Mike was the Director of Instruction for tens years at Congressional.  He left to begin his own academy at Little Bennett in 2021.  He currently lives in Frederick, Maryland with his wife Amber and their two boys  Cole (9), Owen (6) and daughter Vivienne (2). When Mike is not busy being a Dad or coaching golf, you can find him cheering for his Buckeyes and Browns.  


  • Inventor of the LagMaster Golf 2022
  • Golf Digest Best Instructors in State – 2021-22
  • Golf Magazine Top100 Teachers to Watch List – 2021-22
  • GRAA Top 100 Growth of the Game Instructor – 2020
  • Golf Digest Best Young Instructors in America – 2018-19
  • GRAA Top 50 Growth of the Game Instructor – 2018
  • Golf Digest America’s Best Instructors in State – 2017-18
  • Golf Digest Best Young Instructors in America – 2016-17
  • Middle Atlantic PGA Teacher of the Year – 2016
  • US Kids Top 50 Instructor Master Teacher
  • Golf Digest America’s Best Instructors in State – 2015-16
  • US Kids Top 50 Kids Teacher – 2014 & 2015
  • Edel Golf National Fitter of the Year – 2012
  • Ping National Fitter of the Year – 2010
  • Callaway Regional Fitter of the Year – 2008


  • PGA Master Professional in Instruction
  • Lynn Blake Certified Master Instructor
  • Aimpoint Certified Instructor
  • PGA Certified in Instruction
  • Scoring Method Master Instructor
  • BioSwing Dynamics
  • Dr. Wright Balance
  • Edel Golf Advisory Staff
  • US Kids Golf Certified Coach
  • Certified Coaches Association
  • TPI Level 1
  • TPI Junior Coach 2 & 3
  • Nike NG360 Performance Specialist
  • Swing Catalyst Level 2
  • Callaway Master Staffer
  • PGA Modern Coach

Mike's SWING Philosophy

Mike wants to find YOUR personal swing blueprint and unlock your swing.  Mike is not committed to a particular Model or Method because there is no “one way” to swing the club. Everyone has different body types and builds which impact the player’s ability to swing the club.   His Mentor, Lynn Blake, has taught Mike a system using The Golfing Machine which has taught Mike to understand the physics and geometry while showing him there are endless patterns for the golf swing.  Mike uses both Bioswing Dynamics and Dr. Wright Balance screens to determine the best pattern for each player’s golf swing.  Using that blueprint, he can create a plan to achieve a more repeatable and efficient motion.  If you are interested in finding the blueprint to your swing to unlock the potential of great golf, click here to book a lesson today!

Mike's Coaching philosophy

Great coaches are always striving to improve their craft to simplify the game for their players.  Mike had a coaching epiphany in 2015 when he met Will Robins, creator of The Scoring Method.  Will Robins of RGX developed a world-class coaching program that caters from juniors to adults showing them the importance of all four pillars to the game, not just making their swing look good.  The Scoring Method provides the student his/her own personal improvement plan based on a player evaluation Mike performs in a 9-hole playing assessment. Mike’s students have seen dramatic results from dropping 40 strokes in just eighteen months and over 5 points on their handicap in three months. Mike strongly believes this is the better way to improve a player’s game and enjoyment on the course instead of constantly beating balls on the range trying to perfect their motion. “Golf is a game meant to be played, not perfected”- Will Robins, RGX Founder.  Want to join the team and play the best golf in your life?  Contact Mike to find out more about how to join the Scoring Revolution.

Josiah TindorJosiah Tindor
13:53 04 May 22
Worked with Mike over the last year and have been very impressed. He knows the golf swing and has the skills to explain/demonstrate the changes needed. Building a top-notch instruction program at Little Bennett - love to see it at a public course!
Chris CoccaroChris Coccaro
13:21 04 May 22
Mike Dickson is fantastic. I have used Mike to fit me for custom clubs as well as provide lessons to myself and my kids. Mike keeps the concepts simple but very effective. Mike has a very relaxed approach that allows the student to be comfortable and not afraid to ask questions. He has a wonderful temperament to work with young golfers as well. Mike’s teaching facility at Little Bennett is top of the line as well; great natural grass range, private canopy teaching tee, strong short game area, and an environment that’s conducive to teaching.I can’t recommend Mike enough. Chris C.
Dan BlitzDan Blitz
12:48 04 May 22
I decided after 42 years of half decent golf played with a mediocre swing, it was time for me to get the right swing and get to better scores. I made exactly the right choice — I signed up with Mike Dickson. Thanks to Mike, I am playing better, scoring better, and my swing is something I can be proud of. I’ve learned shot technique I never knew existed, and got in touch with my “inner golfer” to better understand the elements of good play and scoring. Golf is more fun than it’s ever been.Mike’s approach to adult instruction and coaching makes lessons fun and valuable. Before Mike, I thought of taking lessons as an expense I didn’t need…now I see it as an investment in making this game more enjoyable and a better use of my time.Thanks Mike!
Matt NagyMatt Nagy
01:15 21 Mar 22
Mike is one of those rare finds. Once you have a lesson with him, you won't want to go to anyone else. I've worked with 2 others instructors previously and I wish I had found Mike years ago. It doesn't matter your level, first-timer or scratch golfer, Mike's easy to understand explanations give you deep understanding into how the swing works and how you can improve. I can't say enough good things about our collaboration. Every aspect of my game has improved under his guidance. He loves what he does and cares about improving your game.
Mary CraddockMary Craddock
18:59 20 Mar 22
Mike Dickson is a phenomenal instructor. He is knowledgeable in the physiology and kinetics of golf skills and applies this to teaching his students to improve their natural swing motion or, as in my case, to build a golfer from the ground up. He is the right coach for a pro golfer looking to refine or improve as well as for a beginner. I can attest to his focused instruction and pleasant demeanor despite dealing with a slow beginner. I can also attest to observing his improving distance and accuracy in the drives of already excellent golfers.
Richard SebastianRichard Sebastian
02:01 18 Mar 22
I’ve worked with a lot of instructors over the past 20 years of trying to become a better golfer and Mike Dickson by far has been my favorite instructor. I’ve made tremendous progress in a short period of time but most importantly his technical skills and understanding of the anatomy of the golf swing has resolved the key blocks to my progress. I’ve never been so motivated to get better because I knew I was finally working on the right things.
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